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100% pure & natural essential oils

New generation & new approach

A unique line of natural products

A new concept of innovative and natural formulas

A balance between efficiency and pleasure 

Business growth & efficiency guaranteed 


40 Years Experience in Aromatherapy, Aromacology, Phytotherapy

40 years’ experience in aromatherapy, aromachology & phytotherapy are behind DELAROM, a new skincare brand created by the Benet family, previous owners of Decleor and Darphin. This scientifically advanced, natural cosmetic line delivers impressive results. Infused with organic botanicals, high quality essential oils and advanced patented biotechnology, DELAROM's efficacy has charmed many loyal followers with its revitalizing fragrance and anti-aging results.

Like no other brand, Delarom has made "aromacology", the theory of the influence of plant scents on behaviour and mood, the basis of its product range, using primarily Mediterranean ingredients and valuable essential oils that are known for their calming, regenerative, antioxidant and intensively moisturising properties. Each Delarom product contains balancing, stress-relieving scents such as sweet orange oil, orange mint or petit grain oil to rapidly boost your energy.

                          The Most Natural Possible, The Most Efficient Possible

0% silicone

0% paraben

0% mineral oils

0% phenoxyethanol

0% animal origin ingredients

Dermatologically Tested




The DELAROM range includes aromas and balms, complex blends of essential and plant oils, all 100% pure, that help strengthen your skin's natural defenses.  An essential oil contains the plant’s quintessence, its very essence becomes a key ingredient in our cosmetic products, with each one carefully selected for its specific properties.


Essential oils dissolve in oils and fats meaning they are attracted to the fat in skin.  They open the way for active ingredients in the skin care products applied after the Aromas and Balms and enhance their effectiveness.



An eco-friendly innovative brand that values the tradition of nature, Delarom offers a complete line devoted to cleansing, restructuring, nourishing and protecting skin from head to toe, which includes a natural fragrance line and spa at home body care collection.



A concrete active & dynamic partnership

A complete and up-to date training

Beauty advisers sales support

Monthly promotional calendar

Launch and ongoing brand support

A winning incentive policy, exclusive concept

Efficient POSM, visuals, displays, samples, travel sizes

High visibility, guaranteed efficiency, new approach

Optimal productivity of linear with additional sales



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